We believe we are the only suppliers of Cooperman company, 3 Ply Hard Rock Maple Banjo Rims in Scotland.
We are offering our 3 Ply Hard Maple Banjo rim supplied as in the picture, this rim needs to be turned down to fit your tone ring. This is a high quality rim for bluegrass, jazz or old-time banjos.

This is an undrilled oversize 3-ply maple blank, unfinished and ready for lathe-turning in your shop. It must be turned to fit the 11” (279.40mm) diameter tone ring of your choice, and to fit a one-piece resonator flange or bracket shoes.

We can arrange to turn the rim down to fit your tone ring, we will need your tone ring sent to us to ensure a proper fit, this service costs £45 + postage and packing. We can also arrange to have your rim laminated with a decorative hardwood of your choice for an additional fee of £50.00 + postage and packing.